About Me

Hi, I’m Leanne! So, this is the bit where I need to tell you a little more about me. Who am I? Well most importantly, I’m mummy to four kids and wife to Johnny – they are the inspiration behind everything I do and am.

Capturing my children’s everyday moments is really how I have got where I am today, understanding it’s the everyday candid stuff that’s in the end the most important memories we can forget.

My style could be described as storytelling, with photographs focused on bringing interesting details out of the big picture, capturing authentic emotions and natural behaviors.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

What is your story? Each and every one of us is different.  Our lives are filled with lots of wondrous things that should not go unnoticed or taken for granted. My job is to capture the story not just a photo. I aim to capture moments which will be treasured. Perhaps it might be how your baby curls perfectly on your chest, the way a child’s hand fits so perfectly in yours or how your partner looks at you and shows what is in his heart.

If you are looking for a traditional studio portrait, I am not the photographer for you.
I want to capture those ‘real’ moments and my style is more of candid moments whether that is out on location or your home. However for newborn images I will incorporate more organically posed shots mostly in a home environment to keep to my lifestyle theme.

During sessions, I talk to my clients a lot, engaging them and their children so as to get those natural expressions and moments.

Family portrait sessions can be stressful however I encourage parents not to pressure kids for smiles or good behavior. Most of the time if they are allowed to be themselves then the images captured will be priceless. With a laid-back attitude I aim to make it an enjoyable experience for all. My goal with every session is to capture images that highlight the beauty and personality of you and your loved ones.


As I prefer natural light I shoot mostly on location rather than studio, and I am willing to travel.
It is best to get in contact while pregnant to secure a date in the diary as usually the diary is booked at least four weeks in advance. I write the baby’s due date and ask the mum to contact me when baby arrives to arrange a day/time that suits. Newborns are best photographed within the first two weeks as they still like to curl up as they would have done in the womb. Having said that I have photographed babies at six week who have slept the entire session and babies only a week old who stayed awake. Every baby is different!
Photo sessions will last on average one hour.
I will usually have a preview ready for the next day, however it can take up to 14 days before the final edit is complete.
Yes they can. I have password-protected client galleries set up for viewing images, therefore if you give the password to your family/friends they can also view the images.
Some tips for a successful newborn session would be to loosen babys clothes prior to arrival so that there will be no marks on his/her skin. Feeding the baby prior to my arrival and having the heating on will all ensure the baby will feel content and sleepy. I will have a number of props which include wraps, bonnets and baskets but if you would like to include your own props into some of the shots I’m always open to suggestions. Patience is key when working with newborns… they are not tiny robots so everything takes time. Just relax, have a cuppa and chill while I gently soothe and nurse your precious newborn into position.