Mark & Kristin, Casale de’ Pasquinelli, Tuscan Wedding

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Adrian and Samantha’s Wedding

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How to not give two flying monkeys!

It's Monday and most of us are feeling the blues smothered by a heap of work loaded on us, without seeing an end in sight. I am right there with you but what I want to ask you is- Is what you are freaking out about and feeling the pressure for actually worth it?  My [...]

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Julianne Stewart, Relocate

Words and Photography by Leanne Magill Being a daughter of a building contractor Julianne has always had an interest in property so when it came to choosing a course to study at university she knew it had to be something to do with property. Spending four years studying property investment and development at University of [...]

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Heather Speers, Twist and Splits Gymnastics

Words and Photography by Leanne Magill Sixteen years ago when Heather attended her first gymnastics lesson the seed was planted for a dream to grow. Being a member of British Gymnastics, Heather worked hard as a student in training and competing, which then led onto judging and coaching. She dreamt of her own gymnastics club. [...]

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Laura Graham Northern Ireland Athlete

Words and Photography by Leanne Magill There is humble and then there is Laura... those that know Kilkeel based Laura Graham and her humility towards her achievements will know what I mean. However; lets assume you have never heard of Laura Graham for now and hopefully being her friend I can add a bit more [...]

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Meagan McConnell, Owner of Kilkeel’s Grahams Ice Cream

Words and Photography by Leanne Magill Most of us don't know what we want to do when we leave education, we feel the pressure from the world around us asking 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' However for Meagan, watching her Mum making the famous craft Graham's ice cream and serving [...]

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Ivona Moore, Fashion Blogger

Words and Photography by Leanne Magill   Welcome to the era of fashion blogging, where those that have the courage to put themselves out there and the knowledge on how to stand out from the crowd can influence anyone in the blogosphere. But let's get real here, successful fashion bloggers weren't overnight success stories. It [...]

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Are you a Chief?

There are moments in life that you just want to know who you are, and feelings that change is about to happen. You don't know WHAT exactly, but some something is about to happen. You know there's more to give, or habits that need to change or how you spend your time has to change. All [...]

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Hey there Self-Doubt or should I say Self Sabotage?

  When you are a creative professionally it’s a guarantee self-doubt will be experienced. You will have great days and then feel like a failure the next. Doubting everything you do and why you do it. But here’s the thing about self-doubt, it’s in the mind and CAN be overcome. Self-doubt is a voice that [...]

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