If our pictures are a reflection of us…

If pictures are a reflection of the photographer. When I was little one of my favourite things to do was to completely get lost in a story book or making up my own little fairy tales. Even now, when I open a new book it is with keen anticipation of embarking on a new emotional [...]

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Dear Mums, get in the photo!

Mums, come on! What are you afraid of? All too often I hear 'I don't like photos of myself' or 'maybe I'll get a wee family shoot when I have a few more pounds off'. Guess what.... Your children love you JUST as you are! If you don't do it for yourself, do it for [...]

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Baby Evan 8 days old

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Check out my first vlog!


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Laura’s wee family


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New Baby Brother for Christmas

Reanne got the best present for Christmas already, a new wee brother! Someone to share her heart with, create happiness and wee bit of mischief in the coming years.  

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Caroline and Robbie

Last Friday I enjoyed an afternoon walk with Caroline and Robbie in the midst of a forest displaying autumnal beauty. Robbie enjoyed listening for the birds and watching for squirrels all the while holding onto two tiny tractors the entire time. The fresh crisp air and crunch of leaves under our feet- is there anything better [...]

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Alanna’s wee cuties

I drove half way up the mountain to visit Alanna in her beautiful home and while the views were amazing it was the children who melted my heart. Although it was only a mini session we captured some great home life images. Just look at these wee angels.

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Baby Ollie

I went to visit this sweet wee man within the first few days of arrival and he slept like a dream giving me those adorable, sleepy smiles and pouts that wee all coo after. If you want to get those natural curl, newborn shots be sure to get in contact before baby's due date to ensure [...]

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