Mums, come on! What are you afraid of?

All too often I hear ‘I don’t like photos of myself’ or ‘maybe I’ll get a wee family shoot when I have a few more pounds off’.

Guess what….

Your children love you JUST as you are!

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for them. They will want to look back on memories of you WITH them.


I get it though, I do! We have such high expectations of how we should look ALL the time and fear from others judging us, but does that REALLY matter?

What matters is that YOU are LOVED!

What matters is the fact that one image not only brings back those memories so vividly but resurfaces emotions you felt at that exact time.

What matters is that you don’t have to pose for photographs, just be yourself!

What matters is that you have nothing to loose.

You matter!


So Dads!
If there is one thing you can give your wife for this coming mothers day, it is to take a photo of Mum with her children. I can guarantee it will mean much more than that bottle of perfume you were thinking about (but we like those gifts too) 😉

So get in the picture!