When you are a creative professionally it’s a guarantee self-doubt will be experienced. You will have great days and then feel like a failure the next. Doubting everything you do and why you do it.

But here’s the thing about self-doubt, it’s in the mind and CAN be overcome. Self-doubt is a voice that we can choose to listen to or not. So while I am writing this with the intent of sharing with others, I am also laying it out for myself. To come back to and reread when I’m having ‘one of those days’.

Start the day smart
Avoid email and social media early in the morning… take time for yourself. Whether we mean to or not we compare ourselves with others on social media, remember ‘friends’ newsfeeds are curated and not always a true representation.

Have a plan, a vision of where you are going. It’s easy to look on others who are more advanced or seem to be more successful. However, everyone’s idea of success is different so why should we compare ourselves to others who are heading in another direction? For me success is everyday coming up against new challenges and overcoming them, continuously growing in character.

Feel the fear
Understand where the fear is coming from. Everybody thinks they’re not good enough. We ALL have those thoughts in our head, in fact if we listened to what our head tells us it would say YOU SUCK! But although we have a mind we are NOT our mind. When my mind starts telling me about my ‘suckiness’, I say thanks for sharing your thoughts but they are not facts. I have the power to do what I want with those thoughts and I’m going to refocus my energy.

Competitors, what competitors?
Do you feel like everything has already been done? Or someone is on your tail copying your ideas? Again your mind starts those murmurs of resistance and it can be disheartening. But here’s the thing… pretty much everything has been done, BUT not by you or me. Even Shakespeare copied ideas and stories from earlier periods but added his own twist which made him rise above the rest.

When someone criticises you, it defines who they are, NOT who you are. All criticism tells us is what someone thinks or believes, it does not reflect on your value or creative ability.
Remember your mind will either empower you or destroy you depending on how you react