It’s Monday and most of us are feeling the blues smothered by a heap of work loaded on us, without seeing an end in sight. I am right there with you but what I want to ask you is- Is what you are freaking out about and feeling the pressure for actually worth it? 

My point is, most of us struggle and yap about things that are really not that important. We care if someone didn’t put the bin out (ehhmmm Johnny), if it’s another grey, miserable day (it is Ireland after all), we care if someone spoke to us a way we didn’t like, if the cashier at the till was a rude mare or heaven forbid someone jumped in front of us while queuing up and then a rude mare served us… the drama.

I think we care far too much about far too little! 

And here’s the problem with that, when we choose to care about everything, then we feel as though we are entitled to feel comfortable and happy at all times, and that my friends is when we start feeling like life sucks. We have become a bunch of entitled morons who think everything should be easy and go the way we want. If it doesn’t then beware all, as the dummy is about to be sput out while we thrash about the floor in a toddler tantrum.

Maybe the question we need to ask is why. Why am I doing what I do and if we are really honest with ourselves a lot of it is motivated by insecurity, its motivated by ego or your friends have done it (competition) and that will show a lot to you.

Problems are never going to go away, no matter what path in life you choose, but I think the key to living a good life isn’t getting rid of struggles but finding good struggles and solving them. Struggles that are important to you and can contribute to the people around you. Ultimately what we all need is meaning in our lives.
Problems are the building blocks of happiness, which is really counter intuitive to most people when they first hear that. But there are good problems and bad problems and it’s up to us to pick the good problems.

So I’m not being all naive here asking everyone to not give a flying monkeys about anything or anyone. But what I am saying is we have the ability to manage and control where our care is handed out. And it’s not easy, we get sucked up by life’s mean trivialities, steamrolled by the unimportant dramas and distractions. But it is no way to live! We need to pick our battles wisely. 

I’m talking especially to the the younger generation, who care about EVERYTHING…
What people are saying about them, how we look, oh my goodness those jeans with the rips in the butt are in style- I must buy them so I can fit in etc…

No, the sooner we realise that those superficial details mean Diddley Squat the better as caring too much is not good for our mental health. 

Chances are if we start caring about a whole lot less crap but put our efforts into more meaningful problems we will all accomplish more than we dreamed.

Yapping done,