If pictures are a reflection of the photographer.
When I was little one of my favourite things to do was to completely get lost in a story book or making up my own little fairy tales.
Even now, when I open a new book it is with keen anticipation of embarking on a new emotional journey.
Photography for me is another way to outlet that same creativity and a medium to express vision.
Capturing moments and relationships which is beyond words, from a unique perspective but yet silently showcasing my own personality within the images captured.
Even before a photo session I feel the anticipation building of the unknown story I’m about to witness.
From a technical perspective there are many, many rules and a lifetime of learning within photography BUT every single one of us is unique, with individual ideas and feelings…
This means that sometimes I feel the need to get in control of the situation, composition, settings etc… but then learning when to completely lose it and let the happenings unfold which is in there the gold is found and a thousand pieces come together on their own creating timeless images that can touch a person.
Photographers get bombarded with ‘how tos’ and ‘learning must knows’ but if we copy what others are doing does that make us unique?

I believe that whatever way we want to express ourselves creatively we must travel deep within ourselves and learn how to project our personality.
Creativity is what enables us to stand out and style comes through personal interests.
I’m writing this in light of a recent request to ask if I could edit a photo to the liking of the person. To me that completely dismisses photography as an art.
If twenty photographers were all given the same subject to capture I guarantee that every image will look completely different post production as the subject meant something different to them as individuals.
And guess what, some people will prefer one image over another as we all have different tastes and styles which I am thankful for!
So if pictures are a truly reflection who we are, mine is of a life of developing, changing, growing, of wonderment and love.