Words and Photography by Leanne Magill


Welcome to the era of fashion blogging, where those that have the courage to put themselves out there and the knowledge on how to stand out from the crowd can influence anyone in the blogosphere. But let’s get real here, successful fashion bloggers weren’t overnight success stories.

It takes hard work, intelligence on knowing your target market and being business savvy that rewards said bloggers with a raving fan base.

No one could have predicted the power of fashion blogging the days pre-social media, whereas now there are many bloggers who hold just as much influence as some of the major publication houses. Infact prestigious fashion bloggers are now reserved front row seats at fashion shows which previously were held for celebs only.  That’s the selling power these hybrid part editors, part celebrities hold.

Meet Kilkeel lady Ivona Moore, wife to Gary and mum to little Calvin.  Ivona runs a successful fashion and beauty blog at https://nudelipsandfrills.wordpress.com  and has over 60k followers on her beautiful Instagram feed found at @ivona_moore

Although Ivona didn’t know what she wanted to do when growing up she has always admired fashion and make-up from a young age, therefore knew that the fashion industry was where her heart was.

‘Two years ago I decided to create a blog and an Instagram account based on fashion & beauty as I follow a lot of blogs myself. After months of posting pictures I started to receive emails from brands offering me samples of their products. Including clothes, shoes, make-up and beauty products.’

With Ivona quickly gaining a huge fan base from blogging and sharing images on Instagram, soon the big brands were getting in contact. Ivona has had campaigns with brands including; Quiz clothing, Ax Paris, Boohoo, Pandora, Lee jeans, John Frieda, Elizabeth Arden… and many more (in the space of two years)!


 However Ivona say’s that she ‘appreciates every single thing equally – if it’s a homemade bracelet from etsy or if it’s an expensive handbag.’

‘I got a chance to work with DV8 Fashion and got featured on their website as a “Blogger Exclusive” which was just incredible. I have met so many amazing people along the way too!
Including other bloggers that I have met in events.’


To be a successful blogger you need to be THICK SKINNED.
Ivona says ‘there is also negativity in this field too, as you’re exposing yourself to so many people who may not always have the nicest things to say.’

Negativity can be really painful and lets face it, we all deal with it. But, it should never stop us from achieving our goals. We are always going to be judged, heck we judge ourselves everyday! So we need to learn to just get used to it and accept that the majority of the time, those that are the harshest critics are creative cowards, bystanders on the side of life who risk nothing and achieve zilch!

Believe it or not even ladies who are blessed with looks like Ivona can feel self conscious sometimes, but Ivona says,

‘The biggest achievement for me throughout all this is gaining confidence. As a child I used to hate the way my ears poked through my flat hair, the fact that I was taller than every boy in my class and that I never really fit in.

But now I have learnt not to compare myself to others as the world would be boring if we were all the same.

The advice I’d give to women who wish to pursue something that interests them is just to do it! Don’t wish for it.’

 Powerful words Ivona!

I wish you every continuing success and truly grateful to have you on board with this article.